Sunday, October 9, 2011

Steve Jobs Planned to "Blow Our Minds" after Death

An interesting Techcrunch article reveals Steve Jobs planned to "blow our minds" with technology to be released after his death - essentially resurrecting from the grave to become even more deeply ingrained in our lives.

Here's an excerpt:

It’s the longer roadmap that should really be the grand finale in the Jobs’ fireworks show.

Talking to sources in recent months, there has been one common refrain: that the things Apple is working on right now are the best things the company has ever done. These are things that will “blow your mind”
Jobs has been compared to the Leonardo da Vinci or Nikola Tesla of our age. Having had several years to prepare for his untimely death, could it be that Job's genius was much bigger than we even realized?

Could it be that Steve Job's plan is to become a god?

Jobs has been quoted saying he wanted to "make a dent in the universe", a god-like power.

Perhaps Jobs has left the Apple Board detailed instructions going forward 10 years or more. As each stage of Job's plan becomes a huge hit, Apple leaders will slowly grow to view the instructions as commandments.

The Apple Board of Directors essentially become modern day prophets, spreading the "foresights" of Jobs via the company. Apple becomes the church, Steve Jobs the modern god.

Or it could be that Apple leaders screw it up and everything goes to hell.


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